Cases and Materials on Social Justice: Professionals, Communities and Law, 2d.

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This casebook provides materials on law, lawyers, and social justice and helps students understand the complicated relationship between law and activism. Now used in law school classrooms, clinics, and undergraduate courses, this text enriches students’ view of the legal profession and stimulates them to think broadly about the roles of lawyers who work for social change. In three parts – a system of lawyers, a system of law, and a system of politics – the book provides both historic perspective and a modern blueprint. Students will explore the meaning of rights and the ways in which movements and lawyers defend existing rights and mobilize for new rights claims.

The new edition brings the book up to date and addresses the major cases after the book appeared. For the most part, the changes involve adding new notes to existing materials. The new edition also includes an extensively rewritten section in the area of gay rights to reflect the fact the law and the social movement have changed more for gay rights in the years since the last edition than any other single area.



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