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That the United States has long had a strained relationship with Cuba is no secret to the international community. Most recently, this strain has been embodied in a commercial, economic and financial embargo that has been enforced by the United States since 1962. That said, focusing only on this limited stretch of history would ignore the greater context of American–Cuban relations. This paper takes a step back to conduct a historical analysis, examine the current state of relations, and to posit on the potential of future economic ties between the two nations. After a thorough examination, an overarching question emerges: Is today’s Cuba entering an era of Déjà vu all over again where the country’s increasing ties with the United States will mirror the strong American influence of the early 1900’s, or is Cuba bound for something new and distinct? Despite the temptation to assume that America’s economic and social prowess will dominate Cuban culture in the future, it seems more likely that societal and global economic factors will ensure that whatever direction Cuba takes will be on distinctly Cuban terms.