University of Miami Business Law Review

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With technology constantly evolving, the law must evolve with it. Uber Technologies, Inc. (“Uber”) has transformed the transportation industry by making transportation readily available with the touch of a button on one’s mobile phone. Uber is now one of the leading companies in transportation and operates worldwide. While this expansion has been great for consumers, it has come with significant drawbacks and challenges. Uber threatens the taxi industry, the cities in which it operates, and even its own drivers. This Note will discuss how Uber’s rapid growth is disrupting transportation in major cities quicker than its impact can properly be regulated, how New York City is a trailblazer in Uber regulation, and how Miami, Florida is suffering from the effects of Uber and should follow New York City’s lead. This Note will also address the need for local and state legislatures to keep up with technological innovations and continuously create new laws to account for these new business models.