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The Student Loans Crisis has spread like wildfire reaching a whopping $1.56 trillion worth of debt. What started off as the Federal government’s initiative to encourage Americans to invest in their future through obtaining secondary education, has turned into a systemic crisis that burns just as hot as global warming. Lobbyists are currently petitioning Congress to enact meaningful legislation to extinguish the flames of the growing student loan debt. Most notably, the private sector is proposing congressional reform to amend the tax code to enable employers to offer employees student loan repayment assistance tax-free. This article delves into this proposal while evaluating its level of difficulty, equity, and scope of impact within the larger context of what is currently available to student loan debtors. If Congress is forthcoming, employers may offer the most optimal and realistic solution for the millions of student loan borrowers and the nation’s economy. The explosive flames of the student loan crisis may finally be extinguished.