University of Miami Inter-American Law Review


This article analyzes the history of Haiti, from its origins as a slave colony of France, which was the richest colony in the Americas, to its war of independence leading to the first Black independent nation in the Americas, to its economic re-enslavement under the power of France and then the United States. The article discusses the great harm the French caused the Haitian people by imposing through force a ransom of billions of dollars that has led Haiti to its present position of being on the brink of becoming a failed state, with all of the disastrous consequences for the millions of Haitians that term implies. The article then discusses and analyzes several issues that Haitians must face to move from an authoritarian state to a more democratic one. These issues include corporatism, violations of the rule of law, and a general sense of anomie that has led to despair and abject poverty.