University of Miami International and Comparative Law Review


Trade laws have always struck a balance between political freedom and national security. The trade of commercial communication satellites (“CCS”) between the United States and Hong Kong is no exception. Until recently, Hong Kong held a special trade designation that allowed it to purchase CCS from the United States. This exception from the strict ban on sales of certain advanced technologies to China was allowed due to Hong Kong’s semi-autonomous status. However, China’s continued encroachment on Hong Kong’s autonomy led the United States to strip Hong Kong of its special trade status and ban the free exchange of advanced technologies.

This note examines whether the decision to end Hong Kong’s special trade status will ultimately erode their political freedom. Additionally, this note argues that the United States’ strict ban on the sale of satellite technology will ultimately hurt its own national security interests. Therefore, the United States should maintain open trade with Hong Kong to ensure political freedom abroad and national security at home.