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On the monumental occasion of the twenty-fifth anniversary celebration of LatCrit (Latina and Latino Critical Legal Theory, Inc.) as a still thriving and persevering community of critical scholars and activists, this Article offers some reflections on where we have been, where we are now, and where we might go next together as academics and organizers of long-term collective action. Against the current disruptions of a global pandemic, aggravated by planetary climate collapse, disinformation campaigns, and the organized top-down sabotage of U.S. democracy itself, our community responses going forward must be both more democratic and decentralized than ever, as well as more coordinated and coalitional, utilizing the innovations of critical hybridized praxis and of systemic advocacy projects of social and academic activism. If we act in the ways and values this Afterword outlines, now and for the long haul, we can achieve tactical, operational, and structural gains long imagined and sought by our community and allies.