Uniform Commercial Code: Article 1 & Article 2 (based on the laws of Nebraska)

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This version of the UCC, Articles 1 & 2, is an ideal reference work for law students in a first year contracts course, or for anyone taking a comparative sales law course.

It is based on the laws of the state of Nebraska--an up to date enactment of the model code which conveniently includes annotations and comments. Some textually minor (though legally significant) differences between the laws of Nebraska, the laws of Florida and Massachusetts, and the model version of the UCC are noted in the text as illustrations.

This publication gives the student an essentially complete version of UCC Articles 1 & 2 without the editing found in many paper based publications. It allows the student to have a version of the UCC handy at all times--without the need to carry around a cumbersome physical book.


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