Submissions from 2019

Wer gehört zu uns? Einwanderung, Integration und Solidarität im Wohlfahrtsstaat, David Abraham

Developing a National Plan of Action on Violence Against Women and Gender Violence : a Human Rights Approach, Caroline Bettinger-López
The Politicization of Safety: Critical Perspectives on Domestic Violence Responses (2019)

Doctrine, Practice, and Advocacy in the Inter-American Human Rights System, James L. Cavallaro, Claret Vargas, Clara Sandoval, Bernard Duhaime, Caroline Bettinger-López, Stephanie Erin Brewer, Diana Guzman, and Cecilia Naddeo

Functional State Recognition and International Economic Law, Kathleen Claussen
Resolving Conflicts in the Law Essays in Honour of Lea Brilmayer (2019)

Feminist Response to Campus Sexual Assault in the Republican Era : Crime Logic, Intersectional Public Health, and Restorative Justice, Donna K. Coker
Politicization of Safety : Critical Perspectives on Domestic Violence Responses (2019)

New Suits: Appetite for Disruption in the Legal World, Michele M. DeStefano ed. and Guenther Dobrauz-Saldapenna ed.

Beyond ‘Free Speech for the White Man’: Feminism and the First Amendment, Mary Anne Franks
Research Handbook on Feminist Jurisprudence (2019)

How to Stop Online Harrassment, Mary Anne Franks
Mediating Misogyny: Gender, Technology, and Harassment (2019)

'Not Where Bodies Live': The Abstraction of Internet Expression, Mary Anne Franks
Free Speech in the Digital Age (2019)

The Cult of the Constitution, Mary Anne Franks

Kamin and Bascuas's Investigative Criminal Procedure, 3d, Sam Kamin and Ricardo J. Bascuas

Effective Use of an Expert in Sexually Violent Predator Commitment Hearings, Tamara Rice Lave
Sexually Violent Predators: A Clinical Science Handbook (2019)

The Cambridge Handbook of Policing in the United States, Tamara Rice Lave and Eric J. Miller

Submissions from 2018

Violence against Women: Normative Developments in the Inter-American Human Rights System, Caroline Bettinger-López
The Legal Protection of Women From Violence: Normative Gaps in International Law (2018)

Come on In, the Water’s…Choppy: The Expansion of the Saving Clause Beyond the United States, Patricia A. Brown
Tax Treaties After the BEPS Project : a Tribute to Jacques Sasseville (2018)

Transfers of Intangibles under Tax Treaties (Although all the Fun Stuff is in the Transfer Pricing Guidelines), Patricia A. Brown
Taxation of Intellectual Property Under Domestic Law, EU Law and Tax Treaties (2018)

Legal Upheaval: A Guide to Creativity, Collaboration, and Innovation in Law, Michele DeStefano

Transforming Lawyer-Client Collaboration and Creating Lasting Change Through LawWithoutWalls, Michele DeStefano and Erica C. Pagano
Law Tech: How Technology is Changing the Legal World: a Practitioner's Guide (2018)

Injury Inequality, Mary Anne Franks
Injury and Injustice The Cultural Politics of Harm and Redress (2018)

Federal Rules of Evidence in a Nutshell, Michael H. Graham

Graham's Exam Pro on Evidence -- Essay, Michael H. Graham

Graham's Exam Pro on Evidence -- Objective, Michael H. Graham

Assigning Functions to Human Rights: Methodological Issues in Human Rights Theory, James W. Nickel
Human Rights: Moral or Political? (2018)

The Transformation of the Common Law: Modernism, History, and the Turn to Process, Kunal M. Parker
Oxford Handbook of Legal History (2018)

Witnesses, Subpoenas, Documents and the Relationship Between the FAA and State Law, Claudia T. Solomon and Sandra Friedrich
International Arbitration in the United States (2018)

Send Them Back, Irwin P. Stotzky

Submissions from 2017

So Ordered: The Writer's Guide for Aspiring Judges, Judicial Clerks, and Interns, Jill Barton

American Labor Struggles and Law Histories, Kenneth M. Casebeer

Secularism and U.S. Religion Jurisprudence, Caroline Mala Corbin
The Oxford Handbook of Secularism (2017)

Graham's Handbook of Illinois Evidence, Michael H. Graham

Scientism and Its Discontents, Susan Haack

Legal Ethics and Social Media: A Practitioner's Handbook, Jan L. Jacobowitz and John G. Browning

The First Amendment: Cases and Theory, Ronald J. Krotoszynski Jr., Christina E. Wells, Lyrissa Barnett Lidsky, and Caroline Mala Corbin

“Letting Kids Be Kids”: Youth Voice and Activism to Reform Foster Care and Promote “Normalcy”, Bernard Perlmutter
72 Studies in Law, Politics, and Society (2017)

The Doctrine of the Providential Function in Commerce: Idealizing Trade, Ileana Porras
International Law and Religion: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives (2017)

The Elements of Mindfulness : an Invitation to Explore the Nature of Waking Up to the Present Moment ... And Staying Awake, Scott L. Rogers

Submissions from 2016

Enhancing the Mutual Agreement Procedure by Adopting Appropriate Arbitration Provisions, Patricia A. Brown
International Arbitration in Tax Matters (2016)

Best of ABI 2016: The Year in Business Bankruptcy, Andrew B. Dawson

Disability Does Not Discriminate : Toward a Theory of Multiple Identity Through Coalition, Zanita E. Fenton
DisCrit—Disability Studies and Critical Race Theory in Education (2016)

How Stand-Your-Ground Laws Hijacked Self-Defense, Mary Anne Franks
3 Guns and Contemporary Society: The Past, Present, and Future of Firearms and Firearm Policy (2016)

Robot Law, A. Michael Froomkin (ed), Ryan Calo (ed), and Ian Kerr (ed)

Evidence Law Mastery: Hands-on Learning, Michael H. Graham

Handbook of Federal Evidence, Michael H. Graham

Correlation and Causation : The "Bradford Hill Criteria" in Epidemiological, Legal, and Epistemological Perspective, Susan Haack
Uncertain Causation in Tort Law (2016)

La Justicia, La Verdad y la Prueba: No Tan Simple, Después de Todo, Susan Haack
Debatiendo con Taruffo (2016)

Susan Haack: Reintegrating Philosophy, Susan Haack

Dangerous Spaces: Beyond the Racial Profile, D. Marvin Jones

Bankruptcy Overview: Issues, Law and Policy, Juliet Moringiello and Andrew B. Dawson

Two Models of Normative Frameworks for Human Rights During Emergencies, James W. Nickel
Human Rights in Emergencies (2016)

How Law Should Avoid Mistakes: Alexander Bickel’s Modernist Jurisprudence of “Mood”, Kunal Parker
Law's Mistakes (2016)

The 1958 New York Convention in Action, Marike Paulsson

Mental Health Commitment of Dependent Children: Due Process Rights, Bernard Perlmutter
Child Welfare Law and Practice: Representing Children, Parents, and State Agencies in Abuse, Neglect and Dependency Cases (2016)

Advocacy for Foster Youth in Mental Health Commitment Proceedings, Bernard P. Perlmutter
Child Welfare Law and Practice: Representing Children, Parents, and State Agencies in Abuse, Neglect and Dependency Cases (2016)

Administrative Law: A Contemporary Approach, Andrew F. Popper, Gwendolyn M. McKee, Anthony E. Varona, Philip J. Harter, Mark C. Niles, and Frank Pascuale eds.

Original Sins, Continuing Wrongs: Equality, Democracy, and Supremacy in the U.S. Under Judicial Review, Francisco Valdes
Controversies in Equal Protection Cases in America (2016)

Submissions from 2015

Law and Migration: Many Constants, Few Changes, David Abraham
Migration Theory: Talking Across the Disciplines (2015)

Article 8. Repository of Published Information, Kathleen Claussen
Transparency in international investment arbitration : a guide to the UNICTRAL Rules on Transparency in Treaty-Based Investor-State Arbitration (2015)

The Use of Arbitration to Decide International Labour Issues, Kathleen Claussen
Research Handbook on Transnational Labour Law (2015)

Alternative U.S. Responses to Intimate Partner Violence, Donna K. Coker and Ahjané D. Macquoid
Comparative Perspectives on Gender Violence : Lessons from Efforts Worldwide 169 (2015)

Where the Law Lies : Constitutional Fictions and Their Discontents, Mary Anne Franks
Law and Lies : Deception and Truth-telling in the American Legal System (2015)

Pseudonyms by Another Name : Identity Management in a Time of Surveillance, A. Michael Froomkin
Privacy in the Modern Age : the Search for Solutions (2015)

Evidence: A Problem, Lecture and Discussion Approach, Michael H. Graham

Graham's Exam Pro on Evidence, Essay Questions, Michael H. Graham

Graham's Exam Pro on Evidence, Objective, Michael H. Graham

Graham's Federal Rules of Evidence in a Nutshell, Michael H. Graham

Legalizzare l'Epistemologia: Prova, Probabilità e Causa nel Diritto, Susan Haack

Perspectivas Pragmatistas da Filosofia do Dereito, Susan Haack

Drugs, Crime, and Prisons in Guatemala, Tamara Rice Lave
Prisons in the Americas in the Twenty- First Century: A Human Dumping Ground (2015)

Giving Up on the Human Right to Work, James W. Nickel
The Right to Work: Legal and Philosophical Perspectives (2015)

Goals and Rights : Working Together?, James W. Nickel
The Millennium Development Goals and Human Rights : Past, Present and Future (2015)

Ideal and Nonideal Theory, James W. Nickel
The Cambridge Rawls Lexicon (2015)

Personal Deserts and Human Rights, James W. Nickel
Philosophical Foundations of Human Rights (2015)

Approaches to the Study of Law as a Social Phenomenon: Legal History, Kunal Parker
The Handbook of Law and Society (2015)

Making Foreigners: Immigration and Citizenship Law in America, 1600 - 2000, Kunal Parker

Binge Development in the Age of Fear: Scarcity, Consumption, Inequality and the Environmental Crisis, Ileana Porras
International Law and Its Discontents : Confronting Crises (2015)

Relative Care Within a Public Health Paradigm, Kele Stewart
IMPACT: Collected Essays on the Threat of Economic Inequality (2015)

Critical Race Theory, Francisco Valdes
The Oxford Encyclopedia of Latinos and Latinas in Contemporary Politics, Law, and Social Movements (2015)

Helms-Burton Act, Francisco Valdes
The Oxford Encyclopedia of Latinos and Latinas in Contemporary Politics, Law, and Social Movements (2015)

Latino/a Political, Community and Social Organizing, Anthony E. Varona
The Oxford Encyclopedia of Latinos and Latinas in Contemporary Politics, Law, and Social Movements (2015)


Library Director as Educator: Analysis Two, Case Analysis and Commentary, Sally H. Wise
Academic Law Library Director Perspectives: Case Studies and Insights (2015)

Submissions from 2014

The Handbook for the New Legal Writer, Jill Barton and Rachel H. Smith

Fifty Years of Tax Uncertainty: The Problem of International Neutrality for Collective Investment Vehicles, Patricia A. Brown
The Tax Treatment of Collective Investment Vehicles and Real Estate Investment Trusts (2014)

Small-Town GTMO: The Layers of Estate, Sovereignty, and Soil in U.S. Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, Christina M. Frohock

Federal Practice and Procedure, Vols. 30B and 30C, Supplement 2014, Michael H. Graham
Federal Practice and Procedure (2014)

Asuntos Arriesgados : Sobre la Prueba Estadística de la Causación Específica, Susan Haack
Causalidad y Atribución de Responsabilidad (2014)

Evidence Matters : Science, Proof, and Truth in the Law, Susan Haack

Taxation of Exempt Organizations, Frances R. Hill and Douglas M. Mancino
Taxation of Exempt Organizations Supplement 2014 (2014)

Minority-Targeted Aid in Higher Education, Osamudia R. James
Controversies in Affirmative Action (2014)

Mindfulness Training in High Stress Professions: Strengthening Attention and Resilience, Amishi P. Jha, Scott L. Rogers, and Alexandra B. Morrison
Mindfulness-Based Treatment Approaches : Clinician's Guide to Evidence Base and Applications (2014)

Elected Leader or Sun King? The Supreme Court Decides whether the President is above the Law in United States v Nixon, Tamara Rice Lave
Cases That Changed Our Lives Volume 2 (2014)

Griffin on Human Rights to Liberty, James W. Nickel
Griffin on Human Rights (2014)

Human Rights and the Challenge of Cultural Diversity, James W. Nickel
Philosophy of Law (2014)

The Idea of Arbitration, Jan Paulsson

Liberal Cosmopolitanism or Cosmopolitan Liberalism?, Ileana Porras
Parochialism, Cosmopolitanism, and the Foundations of International Law (2014)

Judicial Review in Latin America, Keith S. Rosenn
Volume IV Classics in Comparative Law, Vol 4 -- Public Law (2014)

Jurisdiction and Review, Craig J. Trocino
Florida Appellate Practice (2014)

Submissions from 2013

The Contributions of Human Rights Struggles: A Comment, David Abraham
Toward a New Moral World Order? Menschenrechtspolitik und Völkerrecht seit 1945 (2013)

Fidelity to Community: A Defense of Community Lawyering, Anthony V. Alfieri
Critical Race Theory: The Cutting Edge (2013)

The Story of Wanrow: The Reasonable Woman and the Law of Self-Defense, Donna K. Coker and Lindsay C. Harrison
Criminal Law Stories (2013)

Criminal Law Stories, Donna Coker (ed.) and Robert Weisberg (ed.)