Submissions from 2009

The Twenty-First Amendment, Steven Diamond
The Encyclopedia of the United States Constitution (2009)

Identity Cards and Identity Romanticism, A. Michael Froomkin
Lessons From the Identity Trail : Anonymity, Privacy and Identity in a Networked Society (2009)

Evidence and Inquiry : a Pragmatist Reconstruction of Epistemology, Susan Haack

Truth and Progress in the Sciences: an Innocent Realist Perspective, Susan Haack
Truth : Studies of a Robust Presence (2009)

Closing the Door on Public School Integration : Parents Involved and the Supreme Court's Continued Neglect of Adequacy Concerns, Osamudia R. James
Our Promise: Achieving Educational Equity for America's Children (2009)

"Been in The Storm So Long" : Katrina, Reparations, and the Original Understanding of Equal Protection, D. Marvin Jones
Hurricane Katrina: America's Unnatural Disaster (2009)

Mindfulness for Law Students: Using the Power of Mindful Awareness to Achieve Balance and Success in Law School, Scott L. Rogers

Law as Justice : the Moral Imperative of Owen Fiss's Scholarship, Irwin P. Stotzky

Submissions from 2008

Financial Trade Associations and Multilevel Regulations, Caroline Bradley
Multilevel Regulation and the EU (2008)

Preventing Looting After Armed Combat : the Way Forward for U.S. Nongovernmental Cultural Heritage Organizations, Bonnie Burnham and Stephen K. Urice
Antiquities Under Siege: Cultural Heritage Protection After the Iraq War (2008)

The Repeal Program, Steven Diamond
Social and Economic Control of Alcohol: The 21st Amendment in the 21st Century (2008)

Large Scale Ecosystem Restoration, Mary Doyle and Cynthia A. Drew

The Uneasy Case for National ID Cards, A. Michael Froomkin
Securing Privacy in the Internet Age (2008)

Putting Philosophy to Work : Inquiry and Its Place in Culture - Essays on Science, Religion, Law, Literature, and Life, Susan Haack

The Brazilian Jeito and Implications for the Rule of Law, Keith S. Rosenn
Regel und Abweichung : Strategie und Strategeme : Chinesische Listenlehre im Interdisziplinären Dialog (2008)

Submissions from 2007

The Boundaries and Bonds of Citizenship: Recognition and Redistribution in the United States, Germany and Israel, David Abraham
Migration in History (2007)

Evidence: An Introductory Problem Approach, Michael H. Graham

Philosophy of Logics, Susan Haack

Susan Haack : a Lady of Distinctions : the Philosopher Responds to Critics, Susan Haack

Law, Ethics and the Visual Arts, John Henry Merryman, Stephen K. Urice, and Albert E. Elsen

When Theory, Practice, and Policy Collide, or Why Do Archaeologists Support Cultural Property Claims?, Stephen K. Urice
Archaeology and Capitalism : From Ethics to Politics (2007)

Submissions from 2006

Immigration and Citizenship, David Abraham
Toward the Completion of Europe (2006)

Virtual Worlds, Real Rules : Using Virtual Worlds to Test Legal Rules, Caroline Bradley and A. Michael Froomkin
The State of Play: Law, Games, and Virtual Worlds (2006)

Winning Evidence Arguments: Advanced Evidence for the Trial Attorney, Michael H. Graham

Not Cynicism, but Synechism : Lessons From Classical Pragmatism, Susan Haack
A Companion to Pragmatism (2006)

Pragmatism Old & New: Selected Writings, Susan Haack

Toward Progressive Conceptions of Black Manhood: LatCrit and Critical Race Feminist Reflections: Thought Piece, May 2001, Elizabeth M. Iglesias
Progressive Black Masculinities (2006)

Federal Tax Accounting, Michael B. Lang, Elliott Manning, and Steven J. Willis

International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law: Treaties, Cases, and Analysis, Francisco Forrest Martin, Stephen J. Schnably, Richard Wilson, Jonathan Simon, and Mark Tushnet

A Finance Approach to Accounting for Lawyers, George Mundstock

A Unified Approach to Subchapters K & S, George Mundstock

Federalism in Brazil, Keith S. Rosenn
O Direito Internacional Contemporâneo : Estudos em Homenagem ao Professor Jacob Dolinger (2006)

A Few Good (and Angry) Men (and Woman), Robert E. Rosen
Screening Justice - The Cinema of Law, Significant Films of Law, Order and Social Justice (2006)

Submissions from 2005

(Er)Race-ing an Ethic of Justice, Anthony V. Alfieri
Lawyers' Ethics and the Pursuit of Social Justice: A Critical Reader (2005)

Race, Community, and Criminal Justice, Anthony V. Alfieri
Race, Culture, Psychology, & Law (2005)

Analysis of Evidence, Terence J. Anderson, David Schum, and William Twining

Work Law in American Society, Kenneth M. Casebeer and Gary Minda

Staying for an Answer: The Untidy Process of Groping for Truth, Susan Haack
Theory's Empire : an Anthology of Dissent (2005)

Race, Sex, and Suspicion: The Myth of the Black Male, D. Marvin Jones

Denial of Justice in International Law, Jan Paulsson

Submissions from 2004

Technologies for Democracy, A. Michael Froomkin
Democracy Online : the Prospects for Political Renewal Through the Internet (2004)

Lessons Learned and the Way Forward, Irwin P. Stotzky
Democratization and the Judiciary : the Accountability Function of Courts in New Democracies (2004)

Submissions from 2003

Wigmore Meets "The Last Wedge", Terence J. Anderson
Evidence and Inference in History and Law: Interdisciplinary Dialogues (2003)

Anonymity in the Balance, A. Michael Froomkin
Digital Anonymity and the Law : Tensions and Dimensions (2003)

Defending Science -- Within Reason : Between Scientism and Cynicism, Susan Haack

Cases and Materials on Social Justice: Professionals, Communities and Law, Martha R. Mahoney, John O. Calmore, and Stephanie M. Wildman

Submissions from 2002

Transformative Justice: Anti-Subordination Processes in Cases of Domestic Violence, Donna K. Coker
Restorative Justice and Family Violence (2002)

Efficiency and Benevolence: Philantropic Tax Exemption in 19th Century America, Steven Diamond
Property Tax Exemption For Charities: Mapping the Battlefield (2002)

A Unified Approach to Subchapters K & S, George Mundstock

The Legal System of Brazil, Keith S. Rosenn
Legal Systems of the World : A Political, Social, and Cultural Encyclopedia (2002)

Democracy and International Military Intervention: The Case of Haiti, Irwin P. Stotzky
Democracy and Human Rights in Latin America (2002)

Crossroads, Directions and A New Critical Race Theory, Francisco Valdes, Jerome McCristal Culp, and Angela P. Harris

Submissions from 2001

International Chamber of Commerce Arbitration, W. Laurence Craig, William W. Park, and Jan Paulsson

Semi-Private International Rulemaking: Lessons Learned From the WIPO Domain Name Process, A. Michael Froomkin
Regulating the Global Information Society (2001)

Federal Income Taxation of Banks and Financial Institutions, Stanley I. Langbein

Financial Institution Acquisitions and Alliances, Stanley I. Langbein and Stephen I. Glover

Inside Counsel, Robert E. Rosen
International Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavioral Sciences (2001)

Florida Evidentiary Foundations, Lee D. Schinasi, Michael H. Graham, and Edward J. Imwinkelried

Submissions from 2000

Reconstructive Poverty Law Practice: Learning Lessons of Client Narrative, Anthony V. Alfieri
Critical Race Theory: The Cutting Edge (2000)

Speculative Microeconomics for Tomorrow's Economy, J. Bradford DeLong and A. Michael Froomkin
Internet Publishing and Beyond : the Economics of Digital Information and Intellectual Property (2000)

Internet's International Regulation: Emergence and Enforcement, A. Michael Froomkin
Évolution des systèmes juridiques, bijuridisme et commerce international / The Evolution of Legal Systems, Bijuralism and International Trade (2000)

The Bank Income Tax Return Manual, Stanley I. Langbein

Constitutionalism and Democratic Government in the Inter-American System, Stephen J. Schnably
Democratic Governance and International Law (2000)

Submissions from 1999

A Finance Approach to Accounting for Lawyers, George Mundstock

Partnerships, George Mundstock
The Encyclopedia of Taxation and Tax Policy (1999)

The Freshfields Guide to Arbitration and ADR : Clauses in International Contracts, Jan Paulsson

Corruption and Political Reform in Brazil : the Impact of Collor's Impeachment, Keith S. Rosenn and Richard Downes

Shaming Penalties and Social Forgiveness Deficits, Robert E. Rosen
60 Maal Recht en 1 Maal Wijn: Liber Amicorum Prof. Dr. Jean Van Houtte (1999)

Creating the Conditions for Democracy, Irwin P. Stotzky
Deliberative Democracy and Human Rights (1999)

Submissions from 1998

Maternal Power and the Deconstruction of Male Supremacy, Elizabeth M. Iglesias
The Latino/a Condition : a Critical Reader (1998)

Silencing the Guns in Haiti : the Promise of Deliberative Democracy, Irwin P. Stotzky

Submissions from 1997

Internet as a Source of Regulatory Arbitrage, A. Michael Froomkin
Borders in Cyberspace (1997)

Courtroom Evidence: A Teaching Commentary, Michael H. Graham

Illinois Evidentiary Foundations, Michael H. Graham

Structures of Subordination: Women of Color at the Intersection of Title VII and the NLRA. Not!, Elizabeth M. Iglesias
Critical Race Feminism: A Reader (1997)

The Curse of Ham, D. Marvin Jones
Critical White Studies: Looking Behind the Mirror (1997)

Devils, Lawyers and Salvation Lie in the Details: Deontological Legal Ethics, Issue Conflicts of Interest and Civic Education in Law Schools, Robert E. Rosen
Ethical Challenges To Legal Education and Conduct (1997)

Submissions from 1996

The Battles of Hastings : Four Stories in Search of a Meaning, Terence J. Anderson

Handbook of Florida Evidence, Michael H. Graham and Robert S. Glazier

Right of Access and the Right to Exclude: The Case of Homelessness, Stephen J. Schnably
Property Law on the Threshold of the 21st Century (1996)

Submissions from 1995

Choosing the Business Entity, Elliott Manning

Corporate Buy-Sell Agreements, Elliott Manning

Haiti: Searching for Alternatives, Irwin P. Stotzky
Impunity and Human Rights in International Law and Practice (1995)

Submissions from 1994

Federal and State Taxation of Exempt Organizations, Frances R. Hill, Barbara L. Kirsten, and Rob Atkinson

Submissions from 1993

Comparación de la Protección de los Derechos Individuales en las Nuevas Constituciones Latinoamericanas de Colombia y Brasil, Keith S. Rosenn
La Carta de Derechos : Su Interpretación y Sus Implicaciones (1993)

Transition to Democracy in Latin America: the Role of the Judiciary, Stephen J. Schnably

Transition to Democracy in Latin America : the Role of the Judiciary, Irwin P. Stotzky

Submissions from 1992

The Workers' Unemployment Insurance Bill : American social wage, labor organization, and legal ideology, Kenneth M. Casebeer
Labor Law in America : Historical and Critical Essays (1992)

A Panorama of Brazilian Law, Jacob Dolinger and Keith S. Rosenn

Submissions from 1991

Analysis of Evidence : How to Do Things with Facts, Based on Wigmore's Science of Judicial Proof, Terence J. Anderson, William Twinning, and John Henry Wigmore

Foreign Investment in Brazil, Keith S. Rosenn

Submissions from 1990

Florida Keystone : Lawyer's Desk Library of Practice, M. Minnette Massey

Submissions from 1989

Evidence: Text, Rules, Illustrations, and Problems: The Commentary Method, Michael H. Graham

Modern State and Federal Evidence: A Comprehensive Reference Text, Michael H. Graham

Choosing the Business Entity, Elliott Manning and Stanley A. Koppleman

Submissions from 1985

Witness Intimidation: The Law's Response, Michael H. Graham

Submissions from 1983

Regulation of Foreign Investment in Brazil : A Critical Analysis, Keith S. Rosenn

Submissions from 1982

Law and Inflation, Keith S. Rosenn

Submissions from 1981

The Theory and Craft of American Law: Elements, Soia Mentschikoff and Irwin P. Stotzky

Trends in Brazilian Regulation of Business, Keith S. Rosenn